morning reflections

i want more books on black punk as a music scene and political philosophy

more books on queer brown decolonial/in the continual process of decolonizing anarchist praxis

i kept thinking about this as me and wacklikethat trolled through foodforthought book collective. i was looking for something to read. something that sat in the middle of being really heavy but also being enjoyable. and as i went over to the social change section, i just got really frustrated. 

its like, i’m so sick of white people being the face of radicalism. being the writers and thinkers and leaders who are taken seriously first. and people of color having to bang on the door and remind them “hey we do exist, you need to include us too”

and if its not white people, its always cis heterosexual men within POC movements, specifically blackamerican radical movements.

the way the black community wont let go of this notion that leadership has to unequivocally be a cis hetero black man is almost enough to make me ill at times (or sometimes the voice of reason must be a cis gay man *cough cough son of balwin cult of personality syndrome*)

no correction, it does make me ill

the erasure of women’s bodies, queer bodies, trans* and gender non-conforming bodies from the histories of struggle makes me sick

because once again i’m banging down the door asking to be included

saying “oh please won’t you remember my queer womyn’s ass! for just one second if at all”

fuck it!

i’m not asking you to include me anymore.

in the time i have left on earth i will write my own praxis

i will build coalitions with people who understand that fuck patriarchy/fuck racism/fuck cissexism is more than just a slogan that looks good on patches and tumblr gifs

i’m not begging for crumbs or for change anymore

and when white folks and the patriarchal supremacy of black liberation as it sits today looks in and says “oooo i want in”

i’ll just be like “naw naw son. you weren’t even ready to let me in as an equal player to the struggle. you damn sure aint ready to play by my rules”