the bullshit of “we are all one” philosophies

after having to hand somebody their ass on a platter last night, i got some feelings to lay out .

there is a huge difference between the sentiments “we are a community” and “we are one”, and if you’re going to follow my blog and attempt to fuck with me as a person, then i’m going to need you to learn the difference between the two. 

saying “we are a community” acknowledges that said community is composed of diverse people, that we are NOT ALL THE SAME, and in order to unite we DO NOT NEED TO BE THE SAME. that means we don’t all have to suffer from racism, be a little racist ourselves, or be bound together by any other problematic ism for things to work. we can be honest with ourselves in saying that only some of us may experience certain types of oppressions while others of us have the power to perpetuate oppressions. this community functions only because we acknowledge our differences, we don’t attempt to sweep them under the rug in order to sing an arabic version of kumbayah, and we check each other on our various privileges in order to make said community founded on the basis of safe space for all.

i’m all about that community, especially when it comes to the muslim community. you wanna create that ummah, then hand me some bricks and cement and let’s get it poppin boo! 

but the minute you turn to me and say “we are all one”, either directly or in so many words, is the minute i deeply side eye you and suggest you take a comfortable seat. cause i’m bout to lay out why that is never going to work. 

"we are all one" philosophies are engrained with an inherent level of whiteness, colour-blindness, and dare i say it rose coloured glasses capable of filtering out the oppressions of the world so life is nothing but field after field of posies. the only reason why people even bring up the whole notion of "we are all one" is because they can’t handle the complexities that race, sexuality, gender, ability, and social class bring to the table.

i mean cause its real easy to say “we are all one” when you’re rich and other people are poor, and by saying “we are one” you’re not really challenging a society which privileges rich people over poor people, you’re just calling for a sense of unity that doesn’t rock the foundation of your existence. 

its real easy to say “we are one” to people of colour when you have white privilege because you live in a country with its own built in white supremacist power structure. cause so long as “we are one” you’re never-ending VIP pass isn’t revoked and the status of POCs is unchanging. 

its easy to say “we are one” when you identify as being heterosexual or cisgender and the people who you’re trying to hold hands and sing kumbayah with may not benefit from the same privileges in society as you do. but hey, what does it matter if sexual minorities get shat on a little more than heterosexuals and gender minorities get shat on a little more than cisgender people right? because we’re all one remember. 

its easy to say “we are one” when you’re able bodied and the majority of society, from architecture to products, cater to your abilities instead of a person’s disabilities. i mean who cares if you can freely enter a building with stairs and no ramp or elevator, you don’t need Braille to navigate building signs, and your pet isn’t your aid dog. who cares right? because we are one right?


if “we are one” erases the complexities that some people within a community might face, then we are not one.

if “we are one” is used as a silencing tool to tell marginalized people to stop talking about the oppressions they face, then we are not one. 

if “we are one” come in conjunction with the “reverse racist” card, then we are not one and you need to show me the receipts. 

if “we are one” is used to shame marginalized people for finding solidarity amongst people like them, having in-group conversations, or hell even having pride because finally the phrase “strength in numbers” finally means something beyond being the only one in a given space, then we are not one. 

to be more specific to last night’s situation, if “we are one” is used as a way to say my having black pride, or better yet pride in being a person of colour, and talking about those issues and the problems ignorant white people cause me and other folk that i follow somehow makes me a bad Muslim, then we are not one at all. 

and people who espouse this bullshit rhetoric of “we are one” need to check themselves before they wreck themselves. 

you need to realize you’re silencing people . you need to realize people of color are not afforded the freedom to express ourselves without backlash from white people and white supremacist lovin POCs who can’t handle the truth. that we face greater consequences and when we preach from the trap nobody is jumping up to defend our right to freedom of speech. 

you need to realize you are taking up unnecessary amounts of space 

you need to realize you are making other people’s issues about your need to hide from reality than you are about a collective desire to dismantle oppressions

you need to realize the hypocracy of your statement when you only check that which you fear. because i understand that black pride scares people. brown pride scares people. black people getting together absent of somebody {mostly white people} scares people. brown people getting together absent of folk scares people. and i know why it scares you. it scares you because you have no control in those situations. you don’t know what’s being said. you can’t turn the conversation into a “lets focus on the good guys” type ish.

 it scares you because in those predominately POC spaces and conversations your white privilege VIP pass runs the fuck out and there is no re-load for ya ass neither! 

if you fear me because i am anything but complacent with white supremacy, then we will never be community.

if you fear me when i call bullshit and hypocracy, then we will never be community. 

if you expect me to be silent because i’m a revert and i possibly can’t know what i’m talking about, then we’ll never be community. 

if you think i appreciate your condescending du’as where you’re asking Allah to reaffirm your ignorance and set me straight, then we will never be community. also, if you don’t see the fucked up power dynamics at play when you are a white person, i am a person of colour, and you subsequently decide i am the lost little lamb in need of guidance, that i clearly don’t know what i am talking about, then we will never be community. 

if you really cared about unity and us being a community, you’d adopt some anti-oppressive beliefs in conjunction with your faith or your existence. and you wouldn’t dare step to me with the “we are all one” mess and not expect to get told about yourself. 

i don’t know why some people think islam and social justice are diametrically opposed, and unity must come with ALL THE PROBLEMATIC ISMS. but those of y’all that do would be wise to never follow this blog and never speak to me. cause i have zero patience for the likes of you.