themattachine replied to your post: Here’s what I don’t get: some of these…

I really think they think it makes them adgy and passes for “character” or counterculture. I started noticing that in HS and it was gross

omg counter-culture crusties are just as bad as overly perfumed yuppies

both of them i want to spray with a hose until i can’t smell them anymore 

or run them through a car wash that uses castile soap

Like I was standing next to this yt boy and he just up and farted in this already hot ass bookstore. I almost threw up

Here’s what I don’t get: some of these yt kids stocking up on books but smell like they need to run to the nearest soap sale

I’m standing in line at the powells midnight madness sale surrounded by obnoxious uchicago undergrads

you ever had a piece of pie that was so disappointing that you spend hours asking yourself “How did you manage to fuck that up?”

i was at the store yesterday and saw some pieces of Sweet Potato Pie from a local restaurant called Soul Vegan. bought two pieces to have. ate them both

and they just didn’t hit the spot for me

not enough crust. the filling didn’t have that creamy, well seasoned filling. it was just spiced sweet potato puree on a barely there crust 

so now that i have flour, vegetable shortening, and a love of boiling sweet potatoes i’m plotting how to make a better vegan sweet potato pie from scratch 

i already know how to make the filling since my friend Nia taught me at Hampshire. but baked goods aren’t necessarily my speciality so that will be interesting 

but something tells me i can’t do any worse than the pieces i paid $8 for